Window Dressing / Ceramic Installation / Art Uptown / Jan. 18 - 25, 2020

CLAY, COLOR, CHARACTER = Handmade Ceramics

CLAY, COLOR, CHARACTER = Handmade Ceramics

CLAY, COLOR, CHARACTER = Handmade CeramicsCLAY, COLOR, CHARACTER = Handmade CeramicsCLAY, COLOR, CHARACTER = Handmade Ceramics
Handbuilt banner for the wall, terra sigillata, modern contemporary.

Meet the Artist

Curious handprinted ceramic bird vessel, stoneware clay.

Handmade Contemporary Ceramics

Whether creating handmade stoneware, white porcelain or Japanese raku pottery, I approach each pieces as a distinct and individual character.  

Joan Libby Hawk studio potter,  produced local handmade pottery in Sarasota, FL.

My Journey

In 2017 I opened my Sarasota studio, returning to art after a career in New York City directing communications at NGOs, government and the United Nations promoting women's human rights and empowerment.  

Handmade pottery greenware, drying.

Just the Facts...

ART and DESIGN: Exhibiting at Art Uptown Gallery, 1367 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34238.   Member, Women's Contemporary Artists (WCA), Sarasota.  MFA, City University, NY.  Studied, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford; Bangkok Museum, Art Students League, NYC.  Teach: Suncoast Technical College, Sarasota.

Modern abstract painting  in acrylic by Joan Libby Hawk entitled "That There".

Vision / 20:20

I've recently connected to painting, thriving in its contrast to handmade ceramics and the dialog that results.  My approach in contemporary paintings, like my contemporary pottery, ranges widely, driven by inquiry and discovery.  A definitive place may become an organized energy of color and brushwork and a non-existent state may be rendered with utmost clarity.

Contemporary Art Work for the Home